• Coronavirus and Breastfeeding

    Coronavirus and breastfeeding mothers - what you need to know. MORE
  • Well visits ONLY in Lancaster and Mount Joy.

    Hello Eden Park Families,

    This is a note to let you know that, beginning Saturday, March 16th, we will be seeing healthy children ONLY in our Lancaster and Mount Joy offices. We will see sick children in our Brownstown offfice.

    To keep our offices as safe and hygienic as possible, we ask all sick patients to check in from your car. Simply call us at 717-569-8518 and we'll get you checked in quickly. Once you are checked in, we will have you and your child come into the Brownstown office and roomed immediately.

    For all visits, please bring only the child that is being seen.

    Thank  you!

  • A Message from Eden Park Pediatrics

    Dear Eden Park Family,

    We want to share with you our thoughts regarding coronavirus.

    First — We always serve our patients and families using evidence-based best practices. Right now, we recognize there is a lot of conflicting information regarding coronavirus. Eden Park will continue to do what we always do: follow the science, pay attention to the data, and provide outstanding care to our families according to guidelines recommended by local, regional, and national experts and authorities.

    Second — Coronavirus is in Pennsylvania and spreading. We will follow the Pennsylvania Department of Health and  CDC guidelines. We can assure you we are reviewing and implementing all the recommendations.

    Third — We’ve received some calls from parents asking if they should cancel or reschedule well visits. Right now, we’re urging everyone to keep all well visit appointments, because that recommendation follows CDC guidelines. And because it’s always critical to keep kids up-to-date on routine care. We are providing well care ONLY in our Lancaster and Mount Joy offices. We are providing sick care ONLY in our Brownstown office. We ask that  you only bring the child who needs to be seen to the appointment.

    Finally, and most importantly — We are doing, and will continue to do, everything we can to ensure that every patient, family member, and visitor remains safe and healthy in our offices. Right now, that means mostly business as usual, because we already take extraordinary care to keep our facilities clean and safe. 

    As new information becomes available, and as guidelines and recommendations are updated or changed, we will keep you up-to-date.

    As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or if we can help you in any way.

    Our mission is, and will always be, to provide exceptional healthcare, knowledgeable guidance, and cheerful service.

    Eden Park Pediatric Associates

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  • Masks

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  • Protecting Our Patients and Families

    Working to keep you and your family healthy. READ MORE

  • Staff Temperature Checks

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  • Keeping Our Offices Clean

    We make keeping our offices clean a top priority. READ MORE

Happy Campers

Dr. Valuch is excellent at what she does. She is respectful of her parents and you can tell that she really does care about her patients. She is very good at explaining things in a way that everyone can understand.
Kaylie P, Mother
I really like Anita. She listens, is respectful, helpful, resonable and logical. I ask for her at every visit for both of my kids.
Lisa N, Mom
We love Ashley and have requested to see her specifically before. She listens, doesn't make me feel silly for silly questions I have, engages with my kids and remembers them. I could go on. She is wonderful.
Marta B, Mother
We love Dr Hipple. She does an amazing job making the kids feel comfortable as soon as she enters the room. She explains things so well and the kids feel confident and knowledgeable about themselves when they leave. As a mom, I couldn’t as for more.
Jamie H, Mother
Kristen Altdoerffer was fantastic! Truly cared about my child.
Zoey C, Mother
Dr. Keller is one of the best pediatricians. Our daughter loves to see him because he interacts with her with kindness. Everything he does shows that he cares about his patients.
Mary and David Z, Parents
Dr. Knox-Lee was very knowledgeable when I had questions about food related questions.
Carol J, Mother
Ashley Evans was wonderful with my son. She listened (and listened) as he talked about his health, and school, and video games! She also prescribed antibiotics but recommended we not use them right away in case his body cleared up his ear infection on its own. And it did - within 24 hours, just as she said. So glad for a provider who isn't quick to push medication when not necessary.
Charlotte F, Parent
I take all my children to see Anita Charles and they absolutely adore her. She is so patient and always gives you options about your child’s care and helps guide you to make the best choice for your child.
Sam M, Father
I highly recommend Dr. Kline. She was thorough and I appreciated her willingness to look down all avenues for the possible reasons for my daughter limping. Excellent doctor!
Mary S, Mother
A big reason we promote Eden Park is for their wonderful and supportive Lactation consultants! Knowing so many new moms - we always recommend Eden Park!
Alyssa S, New Mom

We are so thankful for the care Dr. Valuch provides to our children.

Charlie C, Father
Our children have been going to Eden Park since my son was born, nearly 6 years ago. We have always been impressed with their practice. The staff is professional, personable, and knowledgeable.
Jessica R, Mother
We feel very blessed to have Dr. Kline for our children's primary care pediatrician. We have a teen and a tween, and it takes a special person to have the patience and skill to communicate with kids at this age. Dr. Kline is calm, direct, and an excellent listener. She is very smart, and we value her medical opinion.
Mark and Shawna P, Parents
We love Anita Charles! She is so personable and Compassionate, listens so well to all of my concerns, and gives helpful detailed care instruction.
Philip K, Dad
I felt like CRNP Altdoerffer really listened to me and cared for my son.
Kayla M, Parent
We love Eden Park! Everyone is kind and helpful and we feel like you all care greatly for families, not just children.
Kristy K, Parent
Dr. Valuch is extremely knowledgable and I am always impressed with her.
Reva B, Mother
I absolutely love and highly recommend Eden Park! Everyone is pleasant - from the front desk to nurses and providers. I feel my son is well taken care of and appreciate the practice very much.
Chris H, Parent
Ashley Evans is very thorough and speaks to my son. She isn't talking just to me, she understands my son is the patient and the one that is able to give the answers.
Kris G, Parent
Dr. Hipple has been my kid's doctor since they were babies and they are now 14 & 12--could not ask for a better doctor! She never rushes us and has always made me feel like my kids were her kids!! She's a speical doctor who genuinely loves kids!
Cheryl C, Mom
Dr. Keller is by far one of the most compassionate and engaging providers that my children have seen. I would recommend him to anyone I know.
Jenn B, Parent
Dr. Kline was amazing! She even went out of her way to call me that evening to make sure my son was doing better.
Lisa K, Mom
Kristen Altdoerffer was great. Very patient and kind! I would definitely recommend her to friends and request to see her in the future!
Alicia W, Mom
Always beyond pleased with our experiences with Dr. Knox-Lee. She respects my opinion as a mother and as another health care provider and treats both of my children so well. Love this doctor!
Janice P, Mom
When I have to make difficult medical decisions for my daughter I find myself second guessing my decisions and wondering if I am doing the right thing for her. Dr. Valuch has helped me understand the facts more clearly, given me more information than the specialist, and reassured me on my decisions. Dr. Valuch has gotten us through so many difficult health issues and I can't thank her enough!
Barbara Z, Mother
Anita Charles is consistently outstanding. She is caring, comprehensive, and a joy to visit. I am so thankful for the care she provides for our sons.
Jodi S, Parent
Cherilyn Reynolds was thorough and spent a good amount of time with us. She explained things carefully and respectfully. We were very happy with our visit.
Marty C, Mom
Eden Park Pediatrics goes above and beyond, and I am so thankful for such a wonderful place to take my children.
Amanda C, Parent
Dr. Kline was wonderful, not only during our office visit, but with following up and being involved in decisions regarding my son.
Caitlyn R. parent

This was our first time meeting CRNP Kristen and she was fantastic. Very kind and nurturing. Plus letting this sleep-deprived mom know I am doing a good job with my 2 week old goes a long way!

Ashley T, New Mom
I appreciate Dr Hipple's positive and engaging interactions and communication. It is obvious that she enjoys children and what she does.
Lindsay B, Mother
Dr. Keller is amazing! My husband and I just had our first child and we were nervous about searching for doctors as this is all new to us. Dr. Keller is exactly what we wanted in a doctor for our little one. We are thrilled to have him as our little one’s pediatrician!
Erica H, mom

My daughter absolutely loved Dr. Kline! She also said the staff was so nice to her...and she's only 5 years old. Thank you!

Heather G, Parent
Dr. Knox-Lee always takes the time to listen. She clearly takes in information before offering a solution, and is always respectful.
Brandon F, Father
We appreciate nurse practitioner Anita so much. Not only does she care about our children, but I feel like she
cares about my husband and I and the overall health of our family.
Lydia S, Parent
Cherilyn Reynolds was amazing. My son was comfortable with her within 2 minutes. She gave me excellent pointers on handling a situation with my son.
Robyn L, mom
I love seeing Ashley! She is so knowledgeable and gives great advice. I feel very comfortable talking to her about my kids. She makes us feel important and special!!!
Emily A, mother
Ashley is one of our favorite staff members. She is great at explaining things but doesn't talk down to parents.
Justin K, Parent