Land of Can

Eden Park Kids Can!

One of our former patients, J.J. Vulopas, wrote the book LAND OF NOT to inspire kids to define themselves by what they can do rather than by what they can’t do.

Drawing from his experience of living with life-threatening food allergies, J.J. wrote this book to speak directly to young people about the importance of being true to themselves.

As part of our 7 year old well child visit, we ask Eden Park kids to write down what they can do and share it with their doctor or nurse practitioner. (Examples: play the trumpet, paint horses, dribble a basketball, whistle, tell funny jokes, take care of the dog, etc.). The responses are absolutely wonderful! (Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.)

Each child is then invited to post his/her “I CAN” Card on our LAND OF CAN poster.  The kids love it - and we do too!

The Eden Park team of healthcare professionals celebrates the unique gifts of every child. Eden Park kids CAN!

To find out more about food allergies and empowering children, visit J.J.'s blog.

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