Kristen Altdoerffer, CRNP

Kristen embraces life! Besides seeing patients and teaching nurse practitioners and doctoral students at Penn State, she enjoys yoga, reading, and anything that involves the sun and water. Kristen's passion is mentoring, volunteering in the community, and advocating for patients and the profession.

What do you wish every new parent would know?
Being a parent is hard work, regardless if we read all of the books and are well prepared. The best advice is to do what works best for your family and follow your heart; if your child is safe and loved, you are doing a great job.

What is something on your bucket list?
 I enjoy traveling and creating life experiences with my family, and one thing I dream of doing with them is to dive the great barrier reef in Australia.

You're 5 years old again. What do you want to be when you grow up?
 When I was a child I always wanted to be a marine biologist; I still want to train and swim with the dolphins and sharks. That being said, in my current job I feel truly blessed. How many people truly get to go to work and play with children all day? One of my favorite things is when children question things in an "Amelia Bedelia" fashion and take the world as a literal, innocent place.

Office:Lancaster, Brownstown, Mount Joy
Medical School:University of Maryland Baltimore
Special Practice Interests:Preschool/Elementary Age Development, Behavioral/Mental Health, ADHD, and Pediatric Concussions

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Patient Reviews

My son only saw Kristen for a brief examination, but it was enough time to notice how special Kristen is. She is caring, kind, funny and loves her job and loves preparing and protecting the children she cares for. She has a way of connecting with her patients. She’s definitely a keeper.
- Josh B - parent

My son has seen all of the providers at Eden Park at some point through out the years. He had seen Kristen for his Well child exam this year and had said he would not mind seeing her again for other visits. He expressed that she was very caring and listened to everything he had to say. I was pleased because it's not easy to get a 14year old boy to listen to anyone. I felt she did a great job with him.
- Crystal

First time that we have met her. Very impressed!
- Lacey M, Parent

Caring, intelligent, compassionate care. Thank you!
- Mary H, Parent

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