Kelly Kline, DO

Dr-Kline-(1).jpgDr. Kline is a Lancaster native. She graduated from Hempfield High School and Franklin and Marshall College. In 2017, she made the move to join Eden Park Pediatrics Associates to be a part of her family’s community. Dr. Kline is involved in volunteering throughout the Lancaster Community. She is excited to continue Eden Park’s excellence in pediatrics. She enjoys working with all ages of children from infants to teenagers. Some of her more specific areas of focus include food allergy, obesity and the adolescent population. As a physician with a child with severe food allergies, guiding families and patients through the food allergy experience is one of her passions. The experience of a child and their family with food allergies is a unique and often scary road. Her focus is to make that road more manageable and less scary. She also considers counseling adolescents through those most difficult teenage years one of her most important jobs as a pediatrician. She especially enjoys working with adolescents and discussing stress reduction through healthy avenues.

What's the best advice you ever got?
My mother gave me the best advice when I was ‘’in the weeds” of motherhood. She told me to take a deep breath and to enjoy my time with my children. It was simple advice that I often reach for and remind myself. I certainly have had those all-nighters with my children; covered in vomit, worried about their fevers, wondering how I would get the laundry all done. I know how exhausting those days/night are, but with the wise words of my mother, I try and take a deep breath and enjoy those moments in between the chaos.

Think of a favorite trip. Where did you go and what made it special?
This past summer my family and I traveled to Italy. It was an incredible adventure especially with three children. Pompeii was my favorite experience - we were stunned at the intricacies of their life style 2000 years ago. We walked in their paved streets where the ruts of their wagon wheels made divots. You could easily imagine the people of Pompeii running off to market or the theatre. The longevity of the human experience is awe-inspiring and I love sharing it with my family.

What do you find inspiring about your job?
I have the best job in the world. Every day I am at work, I am thankful for what I do and for the patients and their families who put their trust in me to help guide them. My job is challenging and so rewarding. My family loves hearing anecdotes from the funny things patient’s say to me. Children are so smart and honest. Children often point out how tall I am which always strikes me as funny since I never point out how short they are. Humor is one of the tools I use to communicate with children. The visit with “the doctor” can be intimidating but I try and make it a fun one.

Office:Lancaster, Brownstown, Mount Joy
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Advanced Training:Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital
Special Practice Interests:Adolescent medicine, ADHD, and Obesity

4.94 out of 5 based on 9 ratings and
9 user reviews

Patient Reviews

She is amazing and understands my struggles and helps me with my Medication
- Rylie Martin

Dr. Kline has helped our family for years. She is fabulous. She will listen and address all issues in a timely manner. We are so grateful to her for helping us get our daughter properly diagnosed and treated for GBS.
- Danna Feigenbaum

Thorough, competent, and compassionate, Dr. Kline is a joy to work with. Our children love her, she is willing to have tough conversations, and always takes her time in evaluating our children. Our family loves her.
- Heidi Medina

Dr. Kline is such a patient and caring doctor. she truly takes her time with her patients and is devoted to helping and guiding new parents in the right direction for what is best for your child.
- Lauren Long

Truly an amazing doctor. We have had several issues with our children, and Dr. Kline always gives the best care and advice. Our son has an extremely rare disease that can only be tested at two labs in the country. Dr. Kline was with us every step of the way and continues to read and learn about his disease. We travel over 30 minutes to have her expertise and would dream of having another pediatrician work with our children. She is truly the best!
- Jennifer Mulle

We are so grateful to be able to see Dr. Kline for well-visits, check-ins and some sick visits. The consistency is good for all of us, and despite the many patients seen in this practice, Dr. Kline always remembers us and our children’s medical history. Dr. Kline’s calm and patient manor has helped us through some very difficult times. She explains things clearly. She is direct, kind, and does not sugar coat what she has to say. She is firm when we need her to be, but also compassionate, smart, and funny. We could not be more pleased with our Dr. Kline.
- Jennifer H

Dr. Kline helped my teenage daughter during a very difficult time for our family. She talked with my daughter, my husband and me in a very kind manner & with genuine concern. We weren’t rushed or scooted our the door until we all felt like our needs were met & questions were answered. She put our minds at ease and pointed us in the right direction for the next steps for my daughter. My daughter absolutely loves Dr.Kline and had created a special bond with her, where she feels safe and cared for, without judgement. Dr. Kline is a mom of a teen, so I know she “gets it” because she’s going through the teen years, too. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a compassionate doctor who will take her time with your child, listen & offer helpful advice for whatever your child may be experiencing. I’d give her 100 stars if if could! Kudos to Dr. Kline!
- Kim Novakoski

I really liked Dr. Kline. She was very friendly and informative. I will be requesting to see her again!
- Joanne S, Parent

Dr. Kline was absolutely wonderful with my daughter who had some fears. She spoke directly to her and acknowledged her fears, and empathized with a story of her own while explaining the importance of what needed to be done. My daughter left admiring Dr. Kline greatly, and appreciating her demeanor. Top notch addition to your staff!
- Melody C, Parent

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