Jill Valuch, DO

Jill-Valuch-DO-(1).jpgJill started at Eden Park Pediatrics in 1988 as a young and naïve single 30 year old and has had the great pleasure of growing with her patients and their families and is now caring for the second generation of their children. As she got married and had her own daughter, her approach to her patients and their parents has had the benefit of her compulsive reading habit to keep current with pediatric recommendations as well as her own child rearing experiences which has allowed her to temper all of that knowledge with common sense. A graduate of JP McCaskey HS, she loves seeing the growth of Lancaster city and enjoys trying out all of the new local restaurants. She is an avid sports fan and cheers for her alma mater Penn State Nittany Lions, and even louder for the Philadelphia Flyers!

What do you wish every parent of a teen would know?
JV: I wish every parent of a teen knew that they don’t have to have the last word, they just have to get the end result! So when they say no, and the teen stomps up the stairs and slams the door, they don’t need to say or do anything. Their teenager will eventually appreciate and understand that the rules you’ve placed on them are out of caring and love.

What is next on your bucket list?
JV: Next on my bucket list is going on a safari with my husband and daughter. I think seeing the “big 5” mammals in their own environment would be amazing. The extra immunizations needed to travel to Africa could be a deal-breaker for my daughter.

You’re 5 years old again. What do you want to be when you grow up?
JV: When I was 5 years old I wanted to have any job that worked a cash register… the real “ching ching” ones. I never did have that job, but to this day I get a little extra pleasure out of going through the self check-out lines at the grocery store.

Office:Lancaster, Brownstown, Mount Joy
Medical School:Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Advanced Training:Children’s Hospital of Michigan
Special Practice Interests:ADHD, Toddlers, Allergies, and Eczema

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Patient Reviews

Dr. Valuch has cared for my twins since they came home from the NICU. They enjoy seeing her during well child checks and sick visits. She is like a family member for us. Dr. Valuch has been a true gift as we have gone through struggles and we are only eight years old. I look forward to her guidance through their adolescence. I would highly recommend her for the care of any friend of family member
- Amy Meli

Dr. Valuch is great with my kids. She sees 2 of my children for their ADHD and anxiety. We love that she takes the time to listen not just to me, but to my kids as well. My children and I feel very comfortable with Dr. Valuch. We look forward to seeing her for our visits.
- Crystal

Dr. Valuch works with my daughter and her anxiety. She has been a great asset in my daughter's care. I truly appreciate and respect her decisions. My daughter also listens well to Dr. Valuch which is such a big help to me as a parent. We look forward to our regular medication management appointments with her.
- Tonya

Dr. Valuch is very attentive, calm, and confident. Her appropriate diagnosis and treatment led to a timely recovery. Would absolutely recommend her to anyone needing a pediatric provider.
- Kelly O, Parent

I am very impressed with the attention Dr. Valuch gives you when she is in the room with you. She makes you feel very comfortable and not rushed. She is a great doctor!
- Chole M, Parent

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