Cherilyn Reynolds, CRNP

Cherilyn began her nursing career at Lancaster General Hospital and developed a keen understanding of caring for parents and their children during her time at Women and Babies Hospital as a labor and delivery nurse. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Penn State University, she continued her education and received a Master’s in Nursing and is Board Certified as a Nurse Practitioner. During her eighteen year career, Cherilyn has spent time working in family practice, with a focus on Women’s Health, Pediatrics and Pregnancy at Southeast Health Services before focusing her work in Pediatrics at Eden Park. Cherilyn grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania and attended Wyoming Valley West High School. Cherilyn and her husband live in Lancaster with their three daughters. As a family they enjoy skiing and making a game out of trying all the silliest and most uniquely named ski slopes. Cherilyn likes to journal all their family camping trips capturing the memories and adventures of each trip.

What do you wish every parent of a newborn would know?
My advice to a new mother is always to think about the first month after having her newborn, as the” fourth trimester” of pregnancy.  She is going to be tired and over whelmed; always take help when offered and always sleep when her newborn sleeps.   

You’re 5 years old again. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I always wanted to work in a daycare center. I thought it would be like a playdate every day at work! It’s true; kids will always make you smile no matter how sick they are or how bad of a day you or they may be having!!  

Kids say the darnedest things. What’s one of your favorites?
It often makes me laugh when I think about when I was working as a labor and delivery nurse and there was a school aged boy who had to come to the hospital with his parents; he was in the labor and delivery room as his mom was in labor and he states “I think she is going to explode” I said, “no explosions here”; just a healthy mom and the excitement of a new baby! He had the biggest smile on his face.  

Office:Lancaster, Brownstown, Mount Joy
Nursing School:Penn State University
Masters Program:Millersville University

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Patient Reviews

I am thrilled that Cherilyn has joined Eden Park. I have seen her as a patient and she was always kind and caring. She took her time to listen to me. I am even more grateful that my son is now able to be seen by her. I look forward to seeing her for his well baby visits.
- Monica

My son is 15, and I thought she did a fantastic job of talking to him and involving him in his health care. He actually said to me afterwards that she said a lot of the same things I tell him but it was better received and more impactful coming from her. We would both definitely choose to see her again.
- Carrie P, Parent

Very pleasant and personable! She was especially great with making my daughter feel at ease/comfortable with her.
- Jennie G, Parent

I enjoyed our visit. I felt she went above and beyond. This was our first time meeting and would definitely request her in the future.
- John K, Parent

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