Ashley Evans, CRNP

Ashley started working at Eden Park in May of 2007 after working at Women and Babies Hospital as a nurse and Southeast Lancaster Health Services as a Nurse Practitioner. She came to Eden Park, pregnant with her second child, and more than excited to dive in exclusively concentrating on pediatrics. Her approach with her parents and families has always started with listening and developing connections and relationships. She combines her pediatric knowledge with her compassion and own parenting experiences. Ashley was a Manheim Township HS graduate who continued her love of sports and her dream of becoming a nurse by attending Seton Hall University on a soccer scholarship while studying nursing. She continues to enjoy staying active by participating in many competitive races and claims she is the biggest Cleveland Browns fan you will ever meet!

What do you wish every first time expectant mom would know?
That things do not always go as you planned or hoped for; however your maternal instincts WILL get you through almost everything... When all else fails, listen and love your child and do not be afraid to ask questions.

Why did you decide to become a nurse practitioner?
The reason I became a nurse was because I wanted to be exactly what my Aunt Barb was when I grew up, which was a nurse. My parents used to tell me that I wanted to be a nurse from the time I could talk. After years of being a nurse, I could not wait for the opportunity to advance my practice by becoming a Nurse Practitioner and am grateful everyday for the patients and families I am privileged to care for.

Kids say the darndest things. What's one of your favorites?
 I walked into a room one day to meet the sweetest little 4 y/o girl wearing a leotard, tutu and dance shoes. I asked her if she was going to be a ballerina when she grows up. Her response was immediately, "NO!" I returned by asking, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?". She responded, "The President, of course!" Well, I sure learned my lesson to not EVER judge a book by it's cover! 

Office:Lancaster, Brownstown, Mount Joy
Special Practice Interests:Toddler/Early Elementary age, and Adolescent Medicine
Nursing School:Seton Hall University
Masters Program:Millersville University

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Patient Reviews

Ashley was wonderful with my little one. My daughter, Parker, was there for her 3 year old well check. She has really been struggling with all of the changes in her life with the stay at home orders. Ashley took the time to listen to Parker's many stories. She made the appointment fun for Parker. Ashley took time to listen to my concerns and questions. At the end of the visit she even found Paw Patrol stickers for Parker (her absolute favorite)! Thank you so much for making this such a wonderful experience!
- Erica Rambish

Ashley is just fantastic. She is thorough in her assessments and explains things clearly and compassionately. She is very approachable and appointments never feel rushed with her. She has the perfect balance of a calming presence mixed with enthusiasm which is a great combination to meet the needs of parents and her young patients. My kids enjoy Ashley and are made to feel special by her interest in their health and her interaction with them just chit chatting. I would highly recommend her!
- Abby F

When our former pediatrician left the practice we got paired with Ashley Evans and we could not be more grateful!! She truly makes connections with both parents and children. One of the nicest people ever! Her demeanor is so kind and relaxing. She is definitely in the right profession.
- Emily

We’ve been seeing Ashley since my daughter was born. She is wonderful and listens to my concerns and answers all my questions.
- Elizabeth S

Ashley is just the coolest. She is thorough. She is compassionate. Michelle loves that she is so down to earth. Michelle is introverted and hard to connect with, but Ashley is able to get through that. She is 14 , a typical teen with some lipid concerns. Ashley talks with Michelle directly regarding her health. She has called and spoke to me and then asked to talk to her about her plan , asking Michelle if that -plan is agreeable. Thanks Ashley for helping to make Michelle partly responsible for her own health. Such a good thing to do as she continues to mature and grow up!
- Lisa B

My son and I just love, love Ashley. My son has seen her since he was a week old. I trust what she says, and I know she wants the best for my son. She always remembers us and truly cares for our family.
- Ashley G, Parent

Ashley Evans is my daughter's primary provider at Eden Park. She is FANTASTIC, she does such an awesome job at my daughter's well visits. She is thorough, kind, funny, and addresses any concerns we are having. Ashley is not only interested in my daughter's health she is interested in everything about her. Ashley is all around a great provider and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
- Tonya

I have always had an amazing experience with Ashley Evans for both of my children. She is excellent and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
- Danielle P, Parent

We love Ashley! She is so personable and down to earth. When she walks in the room my son lights up and I feel she greets him like he was one of her own children. My son feels she is approachable and he's not afraid to open up and interact with her. She makes sure we never leave an appointment with any questions and have full understanding of everything covered/talked about. I recommend Ashley to parents of children of all age groups!
- Amanda T-Parent

We love Ashley. We appreciate the time she takes with us, and the kindness she shows every time we see her. She takes all of our concerns seriously and makes us feel as if we can truly contact her at any time.
- Jill R, Parent

Ashley Evans is a relatable, dependable and reliable provider. I came to Eden Park Pediatrics four years ago as a teen mom completely lost. Ashley guided me the entire way. She answered every question I had and always ensured me each time I am doing fine and so is the baby. I would highly recommend this provider to anyone. She was not just my sons provider but a huge supporter for us! As a new, young mom I worried much less than I all thanks to Ashley!
- Brianna

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